The Most Important Supplies Needed for a Well-run Office

The first and most important step when setting up an office is to design the lay out before filling it with supplies.

Take this first step by choosing your bigger pieces of furniture and arranging them to utilize the space effectively. The best places to source office furniture are either from catalogues on the internet, or shops that specifically cater for office supplies. The furniture you should be ticking off your list is desks, cluster desks, screens, office chairs, boardroom tables, boardroom chairs, reception counters and steel cabinets. Depending on how big your office is, decide in what quantities you will need to order each item.

From the initial design, each unit will need to be equipped with smaller supplies, such as:

Office Machines

Your choice of computer hardware depends on the needs of your business. It does not matter what your computers look like as much as what you require of them in capability. The hard drives need to be able to support the software installed on the computers. Any reputable computer company would be able to advise you regarding your needs. The same goes for the model of printers and fax machines that you would choose.

Other useful supplies would include paper shredders in order to shred important, private documents before they fall into the wrong hands. Guillotines are useful in order to maximize your hours in the day and not waste them on laborious chores like cutting by hand. Every desk should be equipped with a calculator for ease in various computations.

Computer supplies

In order to keep your computers and printers running smoothly you will need to stock up on supplies that support them. Always keep spare printer and fax cartridge supplies in stock so that you do not find yourself stuck in an urgent situation. The same goes for printer and fax paper supplies. Have a ream or two in stock without fail.

When personnel focus in front of their computer monitors for hours at a time, it can affect their eyes and eyesight. This strain on the muscles of the eyes could cause headaches. Ensure that this situation is avoided by supplying anti glare screens for every monitor in the office. The healthier the staff, the happier they are and the more production ensues.

Presentation tool supplies

In modern day boardrooms, whiteboards and flip charts have replaced the chalkboard. If you choose to purchase a whiteboard, it can be attached to the wall in order to save space. Flip charts are also very useful tools, but take up a bit more space as they stand alone on a tripod. The paper used is inexpensive though and can be thrown away after use.


Each desk should have a couple of note pads of varying sizes available at all times. They should be easy to access at a moment’s notice as well, in case someone needs to make a note quickly while on the phone or jot down instructions from a manager or take a message for a colleague from a telephone call. These note pads can be bought in bulk from any stationary supplies store at very affordable prices.

To have a dictionary somewhere in the office is very important to keep a professional attitude. Should someone be struggling to understand a word in correspondence or if someone is, struggling to remember how a word is spelt correctly, a dictionary is a useful tool. The word should rather be looked up than create a bad impression of the company by making a basic error with a spelling mistake.

Office supplies that are highly effective in branding the company are diaries on which appears the company logo. If each employee is supplied with one and goes out into the market place using their diaries, it becomes a huge exercise in company branding.

Files / Filing

In order to run an office effectively and efficiently, the filing system is very important. As crucial is to keep the filing up to date. Files and filing supplies are manufactured for this very reason. As most businesses operate, networking is a highly effective way of generating leads and referral business. Often this entails receiving many business cards, which can be easily stored in business card holders.

Suspension files are very useful when using steel cabinets as part of your filing system. Keep your supplies on hand, so that when you need to open a new file, there are plenty that are readily available. The use of these filing supplies enables you to store many important documents neatly tucked away.

General Stationary Supplies

In the drawers of every desk, one should find supplies of pens, paper clips, a punch, a pair of scissors, a stapler, staple remover and staples, an eraser, pencils, a pencil sharpener and a ruler. On the top of each desk, next to the computer and printer, it is worthwhile to have a letter tray, labeled "urgent" tray, "inbox" tray and "outbox" tray. This method of organizing the paper work will allow everyone to prioritize their to do lists for the day, creating a more focused environment.

Cleaning Supplies

The staff should feel a sense of pride in their surroundings at work. In keeping with these standards, a tidy, clean office is mandatory. Bins should be emptied as often as possible keeping them clear of overflowing. The cleaning product supplies used, should have a scent that is calming on your sense of smell. The aroma should not be too overpowering, but more subtle with a very fresh smell. If meetings are held at the office with outside business associates, you would like to leave them with a good impression of the surroundings.

Kitchen and Bathroom Supplies

The crockery supplies in the kitchen should include mugs, plates and cutlery. There should be at least one kettle with a tea and coffee station. A water cooler is also advisable, to promote the health and well-being of your staff. Always keep the sink clear of dirty dishes.